We also encourage you to dial 211 for all social service needs!  

211 is a free 24/7 call to resources for help with housing, food,

healthcare,  a crisis, and more!

  • You get food stamps
  • You depend on Social Security for your income
  • You get assistance from Social Services
  • You are homeless
  • You are disabled and live off of disability income

What are our income limits?

  • for 1 person household, $22,311 or less
  • for 2 person household, $30,044 or  less
  • for 3 person household, $37,777 or less
  • for 4 person household, $45,510 or less
  • for 5 person household, $53,243 or less

It is best to call us directly to see if we can help you.  

However, if you have low-income and are 19 or older and any of the following are true, you will likely qualify...   

How do I know if I qualify?

Health Right, a program of AHEC West

helps low income adults without coverage access emergent dental care.