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​In fiscal year 2017 (July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017) Allegany Health Right linked over 570 people in our community to more than $400,000 in donated health care.
In addition to our network of dental providers, we partner with the principal social service and health care organizations in our community.  AHR actively participates in the Allegany County Health Planning Coalition, the Workgroup on Access to Care, Mission of Mercy Free Dental Clinic, Mountain Health Alliance, Allegany County Board on Homelessness, Garrett-Allegany Health Workforce Development Network and County United Way.  
Health Right’s mission is to increase access to emergent dental care for low-income, uninsured/underinsured adults in Allegany County, Maryland.  Founded in 1988 by the Allegany County Medical Society, AHR has served as a "safety net" for low-income individuals. We accomplish our mission by coordinating donated and deeply discounted oral health care.  By acting as the link, we make it easier for dentists and other oral health care providers in the community to donate or reduce the cost of their services and make it possible for our clients to get needed oral health care. Health Right became a Program of AHEC West in December of 2017.


We also encourage you to dial 211 for all social service needs!  

211 is a free 24/7 call to resources for help with housing, food, healthcare, a crisis, and more!